Leaden Flycatcher


While I was holding a large male frilly, this leaden flycatcher (Myiagra rubecula) spied on me from a nearby perch. Males are blue on the head and chest whereas females have an orange throat and pale ring around the eye. Not wanting to disturb the flycatcher too much, I snapped a few photos and went on my way. He was still sleeping in the same position when I returned an hour later before leaving the forest. Tonight I also spotted my first hatchling frilly with an SVL of 5.3cm – hopefully I will see more baby frillies! – and got my clearest look at a bandicoot on the road. Getting photos of the bandicoots and dingos while on the road is extremely difficult, but hopefully I can share them with you at some point.

Photographed in situ [1]


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