Two-lined Dragon

Photographed after pursuit [3]

Two-lined dragons (Diporiphora bilineata) are undoubtedly one of my favorite Australian lizards. They are small, agile, cute, and curious agamids occurring in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Queensland. These dragons were very common throughout the day at Fogg Dam, scurrying about in the leaf litter and basking on low perches. When startled they run for a few meters then freeze, either partially hidden by a leaf or under a plant. It can be difficult to spot them once motionless, but usually you can see a single eye gazing up at you behind the dense vegetation. This species is characterized by two dorsolateral yellow/pale stripes, though color variation ranges from uniformly brown to having dark bands and even bright red diamondback splotches.

Photographed in situ [1]
Photographed after pursuit [3]
Photographed after pursuit [3]
Photographed in situ [1]
Photographed in situ [1]
Basking atop a meridional termite mound; photographed in situ [1]
Eucalypt forest, wet season
Photographed after pursuit [3]
Photographed in situ [1]
Photographed after pursuit [3]

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